Artist block BE GONE!


Thanks to my dear, dear sweet husband I had enough time this weekend to do a whole bunch of sewing.

I made two purses today...

I have named this retro tote Doris, after Doris Day I suppose though I dont know why! I have always liked having funky magazine/library totes. I recently found my favorite one at an estate sale and thought that there must be more people in the world who need and what beautiful one of a kind magazine totes. So when I found the black and white fabric I knew EXACTLY what its purpose was! I have a feeling this one may be hard to give up!

I also created a purse that really took over itself when I started sewing it together, it didnt turn out the way I was thinking it would but I still really love the end result and this fabric is so pretty. It is weird to work with fabric that reminds me of spring and summer when I am looking outside to a neighborhood blanketed by snow.


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