I admit I collect clutter

To my husbands dismay really I have always been a person who collects things. Though I have never been a person to just collect one certain thing.

I have an obsession with vintage/antiques and scatter them throughout the house though right now I can only afford smaller things and it basically looks like our house is a 24 hour garage sale.
I like that feeling my husband does not he is a minimalist and while I would love to say I am as well I know that in my heart I could never be one.

Because of my collecting disease eBay is my enemy (well, my best friend my husbands enemy) I am always finding something to float to my mail box to be added to my collection. To me eBay is like the best garage sale EVER. I hardly go on there for actual needed things besides cute outfits for my daughter normally it is just to collect more things that I really dont need.

I know that there could be worse things in life, and my husband was well aware of my habits well before we got married (we lived together for 5 years before we got married) but I know he still thinks that one day *poof* they will disappear.

Poor man, I dont think he will ever learn.


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