I miss my wedding day


Well actually the planning of it (believe it or not) . Wedding plans are in full swing all around the country ( I read somewhere that the holidays are a big time for proposals) and I have the fever again. Don't get me wrong I loved my wedding and how it turned out but it was rushed and I am counting the years for our 5, 10, 25th anniversary so that we can have a vow renewing (it will be our 25th I am sure since it silly to do it any earlier I suppose) .

I did everything for my wedding by hand or by the hand of someone else who had the skills/knowledge (ie my seamstress who took a $100 eBay find of a dress and added a corset for me to turn it into my dream dress) and I wouldnt have it any other way which is why I am so glad I posted this on my Etsy site. Since I am already married I love that I get to now be part of other women's dream weddings.

I would LOVE to be a wedding planner but I know I dont have the knowledge or the experience yet to make a mark in the market though it is something I may still look into one day to pursue.

Back to the reason of this post *smile* I met a wonderful soon-to-be bride who wanted to get a cost quote and I whipped up an arrangement for her based on our email conversations and the vibe she was going for. I whipped this up while the baby napped. Thankfully my teething baby didnt take only a 15 minute cat nap like she does so often now!

Hopefully the bride likes the arrangement and we can go forward with the order, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Till then doesnt this bouquet scream spring? Funny I can create this with 8 inches of snow out my window! Just like on my wedding day. Maybe I will create a new trend with the 5 year wedding vow renewal....


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