Ugli tastes great!

How can something so Ugli taste so good?
Recently at my best friends local grocerry store she showed me their newest exotic fruit. It is called Ugli
and rightfully so, this is a pretty ugly fruit and it is gooshy to boot!

Once I got it home I just kept looking at a few days wondering what I got my self into. I found their website and read about the taste and got excited about the possibility of trying this new fruit.

Once I cut it open it was a beautiful yellow. I had decided to eat it like a grapefruit with a spoon. However once I started to eat it I couldnt stop and didnt want to waste a bite so away went the spoon and out came my trusty fingers. It is an interesting flavor it is sweet but with a small spicy bite, I cant explain it very well it is nothing like I have ever tasted .

I am hooked, I need to get back to that store...


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