Welcome Fall?


I know around the country a lot of people aren't feeling fall. But it is here in Wisconsin, and we have a cold chill coming along. This weekend highs of 40-50s I don't know about you but that is too cold for me. I was enjoying the 60's.

At least I have a reason to bust out the blankets around here, so all isn't bad. I am just bummed that the heat may have to be turned on already! Ugh. Goodbye fall hello winter? I sure hope not!!!


Lila said...

At least I can hide my holiday pounds with sweaters! That's one good thing about the cold, right?!
Lila Ferraro

bethany said...

Agreed! I don't mind the fall at all, I just get fidgeting when I start eying the baseboard heaters in October! It really cuts into my Christmas shopping budget!

Love your throws! :)

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