I try but I sometimes fail


For my birthday Ken got me Jamie's book and for the first time in my life I read a cookbook from beginning to end. It got me so excited about cooking. I know how to make a few dishes but I had been slacking on the home cooked meals lately. Enter in a big change and a promise to myself and my kids. Home cooked meals as much as possible. Each week I pick 3-4 recipes get my shopping list and pump myself up for a week of cooking. Two weeks in and it has been going really well. Really well until last night, I lost the mojo and the kids had mac and cheese. And it wasnt from scratch it was the bright orange powdered stuff and after I made that for the kids I made myself toast with peanut butter and honey. I was disappointed but also so tired and wiped that I couldnt even look at the kitchen.

Tonight I am happy to report I made mac and cheese again but instead of the processed stuff it was made from scratch with cauliflower in it that the kids ate right up. I cant say enough good things about Jamie Oliver and his style of cookbooks. Buy it I have tried a different recipe each night and I havent had one bad thing yet and I have learned SO much about cooking! Yay progress!!!


Rosa said...

Do not be hard on yourself. We have home cooked meals about 80% of the time, and sometimes the orange stuff is a side. It isn't the end of the world. I've managed to keep my girl alive on that stuff for 8 years. It is okay. I am planning to get Jamie's book in the future because my girls love watching him on TV. I love his message. Congrats to you to make a change and effort to raise your children with nutritious (processed on occasion) meals ;)

Miranda @ Howdy Stranger said...

Hi There!

I have to agree with you on the Jamie Oliver cook books, they are so well designed and visually stimulating I sometimes forget the task at a hand... cooking better meals! I've made the mac and cheese too! It's great... however, he's very heavy handed with the butter and oils in his recipes, so I usually adjust to taste! His 'Jamie' bimonthly magazine is great too!

Love you blog too!


Miranda =)

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