Broken Record

As a momma, I feel like I need recording of the five most common things I say on a daily basis. Those five things would be:

be nice to your brother!
markers are for paper, not table/wall/couch/skin etc.
you are being such a sassy pants!
do you need to go potty?
who's driving this car?

So fess up mommas/daddys I know I am not the only one... what is on your broken record?
The one phrase though I will always say over and over again (with a smile on my face)...
I love you.
And boy oh boy do I love those two, as crazy as they make me!


Anonymous said...

that is so funny! Lets see....
mine would be

*Did you brush your teeth? (and of course she did not)
*Put your shoes away!
*Is your homework done?
*Please stop interrupting me!
*Ummm please clean up after yourself!

Rosa said...

"Have you lost your senses?" is my catch-all phrase for most of what they do. It covers everything.

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