Soup Time!

Fall is my favorite season (sorry summer, spring and winter). Apples, pumpkins, chilly mornings, gorgeous days. Love it! It also means that I can justify eating soups ALL the time. So in my challenge to myself to cook things from scratch rather than buying processed food I am making all of my soups on my own as well. With that also comes with creativity as we only go grocerry shopping once a week and while I plan my meals out for the most part when lovely hubby steals my indgredents for something he wants to cook (he is the cook in our relationship, he makes everything just by his sense and taste, me I am a follow a recipe card to a tee, though I am starting to be a little more adventourus) in comes plan B and work with what you have. And with that I present to you....
Zucchini soup, now it doesn't look all that appetizing, it looks a little like slop I admit, but the taste? Oh boy it is good! I went on the basis of this recipe and changed a few things as I didn't have dill and I used a little bit more chicken stock because I had it! Plus you can eat it cold or hot, me I prefer hot but yummy either way, promise!


craftyjemima said...

Yum! I make soup from scratch all the time and I'm always on the look out for new recipes. And I have some giant courgettes growing in the garden that need to be eaten. Perfect!

Nerys x

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