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I have been sewing for almost 5 years. Normally when I purchase fabric it goes like this, if it is online I can take hours wading through beautiful pictures, putting items in and out of my cart finding just the right fabrics that I cant live without. I press purchase and wait on pins and needles till I get my fabric in the mail. I cant wait to tear it open and once it is all in front of me I stare at the fabric. Look at each piece like I am examining a fine piece of art work. I have been know to pet it. And I have heard of people wanting to lick their fabric it looks so good or just roll around in it, these all are rumors and I would NEVER take part in such silly activities (*cough yes I would/have *cough)

Why am I sharing this? Well yesterday I got some fabric in the mail. The first in a very long time since I am on a budget and well as people who are waiting for purses from me (you know who you are! SORRY!) I haven't been sewing AT ALL, I lost the mojo and I thought a little fabric retail would help bring it back. Only problem.... I let the package sit after I picked it up from the mailbox and once I finally did open it up late that night, I look through them briefly and felt no rush, no how did I ever live before you such fabric came into my life, no need to protect it to hungry fabric eating scissors. None of that.

I am bummed, I think I have lost my sewing mojo forever and fabric is no longer my vice. At least my husband will be happy! Me? I am kinda depressed about it!


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