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So I went to a craft store yesterday and just about fell over. Christmas everywhere. At first I was like, I suppose it is October, Halloween is right around the corner and then I thought WAIT A MINUTE... It's September, the BEGINNING of September. Not so cool! I know the economy is bad, I know retail wants us to think about nothing but the holidays, but we are just ending a hot sticky humid summer around here and I would really love to enjoy and not rush my favorite season of the year fall! I am planning to decorate big time this fall and enjoy the yummy stuff that is fall, but the big retail monsters have wiggled their way into my mind and I am thinking about Christmas trees, lots of snow and my growing gift list. Too bad for them, everything I give this year will either be handmade by me or an artist/crafter. What about you, have you been witness to the holiday bug already? Does it drive you nuts too??!?!?


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