Apples by the bunches


This weekend BFF and I took our kids to an apple farm. Ubber fun. Plus I got to go to a cheese factory... mmm cheese. Leila had a great time picking out apples and like normal no trip to the apple farm is complete without a caramel apple. They were huge, gooey and covered in all types of different candy.

Leila is going through that phase of.... I will run each time you pull out the camera or make a crabby/silly face. Photographer mommas please tell me this ends quickly? All I have to show of Leila's fourth year of life is goofy faces and blurry photos. Which I suppose the first is fitting since she is such a goof ball.

My other dilemma..... so many apples! I plan to make some applesauce in the crock pot and we have been eating a TON of apples but please share.... what is your favorite apple recipe?!?!?!?


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