Hoop Girls


So this summer I learned all type of new art techniques. My above and beyond favorites are the two I used to make these "hoop girls". Image transfers and photo tinting.

Have you ever tried these techniques? Would you like a tutorial? I am no way an expert but I am getting the hang of it!

So with fall officially here I need to figure out what my goals are for this season. I am thinking it will be more mixed media techniques. I am also trying drawing and painting on my own still. And just like any type of skill practice lots of practice. Whats most amazing to me is that while there are natural born artists that literally have a paint brush in their hand at birth most of the artist out there, lots of practice and honing in on their skills and tweaking where needed. So Suzi Blu is right... You ARE an artist! Love it! What about you? Any creative goals before the end of the year? Do share!


bethany said...

Ooo, I LOVE these! :) I am in love with mixed media. I'm no good with one form of media (just paint? not for me!)...and I'm a little too ADD to stick with one thing.

These are so adorable. I'd love a tutorial (when you have time)! :)

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