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Stefanie and I have been super crabby lately. I am blaming it completely on the hormones though I know that cant all be true. I woke up thankful to have the long weekend over but as I sit here grumbling I yelled at myself to snap out of it and think about all the things you did this weekend.

Leila was an amazing helper and helped me make cherry scones and fresh whipped cream (so yummy!)

There was lots of cuddle and movie time

I got to draw a fair amount of the weekend

Park time!

yummy ice cream

a laid back stroll through the mall

Listening to Leila play make believe

Kenson bit by bit taking more and more small steps (yep 19 months and still not walking, stubborn little man!)

We did a fair amount even if I felt like we could have done a lot more, I dont know why I want to be busy all the time, I hate it when we are busy all the time. And now I hate it when we arent busy. My poor husband, he cant win no matter how our weekends go. I have a feeling there will be a lot more postings about gratitude and things I am thankful for. It is the only way I can think to snap out of my funk that I have been in for so long!


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