What a difference.

I am a bad momma. There I said it. I don’t have a baby book. When I was pregnant with Leila I didn’t take monthly shots of my growing belly (and I dont plan to this time around either). I have only had her pictures taken once at a studio. And while I took pictures of her constantly I didn’t take those monthly pictures so she could see how big she grew. I don’t write her monthly or even yearly letters. Yep I am a bad momma. To redeem myself though I have done one thing that I hope to continue with Leila yearly until she is 18 and that is to take her to the country road I lived by my whole life and take a picture of her each year. My idea is to be able to give her a visual timeline of how much she has grown through the years so she can have it as a display for her graduation party. I am hoping that no matter where we move or live that at least once a year we can go back to that road for a few minutes and capture her in that year in that moment. So there you have it, hopefully I am no longer a bad momma, maybe just a “she doesn’t always get it right but at least she tries” momma.



corine said...

This is actually a great idea. You may be a bad momma, but you're a very creative bad momma :-)

Sarah and Jack said...

Eh. Baby books are overrated. I started out keeping ours faithfully, but then I just decided to use the blog. LOL

Brook said...

ooohhh she is so cute baby book or not...

denitza said...

This is the most awesome idea! And she is such a cute girl! You are a great mom because you do things your own way and make your own traditions-unique to your family! She will love you for that!

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