My little Dolittle

We got a pleasant surprise visiting my parents this past weekend, they had a handful of kittens staying with them. My parents must be known within the cat population because they always seem to get strays which they feed and play with until the cat goes on its way. Well, this momma cat was no different and must have heard about the welcoming place with food to boot and off she came with her 6 super friendly kittens. Well actually 4 of the 6 were really friendly the other 2 were slightly shyer. Leila was in heaven. Just a few weeks earlier she got to see her first kitten up close and personal at my grandparents home (another stray cat friendly home) and while the kitten was friendly it didn’t really like to be held by a gentle but excited 2 year old.
This time she was in luck the kittens came straight up to her and she carried them around the next 3 days.

She fed them by hand.

And actually told them to say AHHH as she was feeding them.

She had shadows all weekend if she wasn’t holding one there was another right behind her getting ready to be picked up.

She did have one slight mishap when she confused the kitten’s tail with a yo-yo but that was quickly addressed and playing began again.

She also let me take tons of pictures of her with the kittens. This one I think being my favorite of the weekend.

If you want to have Leila overload cuteness feel free to go over to my flickr account.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

AWWW so cute, love kittens (and little girlies :O))

daintydaisies said...

Oh my gosh how cute! :)

sulu-design said...

The photos of Leila with the kittens are just adorable, but the one of her with the laundry blowing on the line is my favorite. How beautiful.

Katie Runnels said...

What a sweetheart! xo Congratulations on #2!!

PicturesFromMe said...

i love love LOVE the last pic oh and HAPPY WAY DELAYED B-DAY i love you sorry im a bad sis :(

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