How I spent my 4th of July Weekend!


1. green sparrow, 2. red sparrow, 3. green deer totes, 4. 096, 5. colorful strips, 6. bedsheet tote 2, 7. cirlces, 8. teacups, 9. Cardinal, 10. doily, 11. red flower, 12. green flower, 13. owl upclose

My 4th of July was not spending time with friends and family watching fireworks nope my butt was in front of my sewing machine the whole day. And you know what? I wouldnt have wanted to spend it any other way. The rest of my weekend was spent with friends so all in all it was a great weekend. Also with these newest bags I got to play with appliques as well as free style patch work. I am hoping my next mass sewing spree will lead to some totes for in my Etsy shop but we will just have to wait and see. There is a craft show I am thinking about entering in for September too and if I get in I will have to start sewing now so that I have a big enough stock ready for the show.

Sorry about the slow posting and lack of "talking" I have been super occupied with work, being a momma, and trying to get in all of the summer heat I can!


LisaPV said...

Great bags. I have been wanting to do some appliques and have not gotten around to it. But your purses are great inspiration for me to give it a try.

Lindsay said...

Very cool bags. I really like the owl one. I can see myself getting on an owl kick :) Sounds like you had a great 4th! Just because it's not the traditional BBQ and fireworks doesn't mean it can't be awesome.

sulu-design said...

I know right where you're at. I had to give up blog reading this week in order to have time to squeeze in as much work followed by summer fun as I could. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the season, and glad to see you're being so productive!

naomi said...

I love the bags! They are gorgeous. I know how hard it can be squeezing in time to work and be a mama.

I have #3 due in four weeks and I barely have energy left for either!


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