Keeping with the calm

I am a born and raised country girl. At 17 I felt the need to strike out on my own and go the complete oppisite of my childhood and I head out to the second largest city in the state and 2 1/2 hours away from home. 8 years later and a baby and husband in tow I miss the country. I miss the quiet I miss the stillness. Tomorrow is Ken's birthday and his request was to go up and spend the weekend with my parents. I am really excited to just hang out and relax. have no set plans except to bake, take some photos and maybe ride a four wheeler.

My dream is to move back to the country. Ken had my heart skip a beat when he suggested moving back up near my family and start to raise our family in the country. My dream is to one day go into business with my best friend and have a hobby farm together where we can raise chickens (I know me and my chickens!) sell goods and teach classes on canning, gardening, soap making, sewing, and quilting. I am ready to get back to the quiet, to just slow down and enjoy life.

We leave Friday morning and I cant wait. This is just what I need, I know it.


corine said...

Enjoy, dear. The country is a beautiful dream.

sulu-design said...

I hope you have a wonderful time at your parents' place and that it provides some of the calm you need. I know how you feel about location, although I consider myself a city girl and want to move in the opposite direction. It hurts to pine for another place...

denitza said...

Have a great time at your parents house and celebrating!

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