Summer Loving

I recently had signed up for a recycle swap. Basically we were supposed to create something with recycled materials. I have been insanely inspired lately by this blogger and wanted to create something similar to her vibe. This tote was made out of a table linen, some vintage sheets, and some old pants. Nice huh? Plus I couldnt choose from two different sheets so I appliqued both sides of the bag!

This may be the last thing I sew for awhile though, it was a nightmare to get my sewing machine to work correctly and since money is tight I may have to wait to get it serviced. Sounds like I may have to pull out my trusty first machine and hope I remember how the settings work!


Waldeck Dry Goods said...

I love this bag! I was just thinking of making something similar this morning, but then my little one woke up from her nap and I didn't get anything done! Maybe later tonight....

PS-- Congrats!!!

denitza said...

Love the bag! I, too, was thinking of making some bags for my boys to put their stuff for the car. May be tonight is the night! Thanks for the inspiration!

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