I hate my weepy days


I have had a rough day. On some of my worst days I am always humbled by my faith. On the day that just couldn’t go right an earth bound angel named Howard was my saving grace today. And all he needed to say was "you sound so calm, keep being calm". I am sure he has no idea how bad I needed to hear that and how thankful I am for that small statement. It was all I needed to turn my day around and keep me humble.

It just goes to show you can mean the difference of making someone’s day good or bad. My goal is to keep spreading the good days around. Everyone has so much going on in their life, they dont need me making it more difficult.

I doubt this man will ever find my blog as it was a phone conversation with a customer who I am sure I will never meet in my lifetime but none the less I need to put it out there, Howard from Rusmur Floors. Thank you.

**The background on this photo: It was taken on my grandparent's once thriving farm. Time and years has taken its toll and now this windmill is now a standing testament to remind us of times past.**


Lisa said...

Wow, what an intense photo. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Its so true, what you put out there reaches farther than you know, good or bad.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Big HUG for you, from me. xoxo

melissa@yummygoods said...

hey, just wanted to say hi and let you know I am perusing your blog to help inspire m y giveaway bundle for you! thank you for being so patient!
xo, m

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