I think I am rubbing off

Leila likes to take my camera hostage. She does now on a regular basis. Just within the last few weeks she has figured out that by clicking a certain button noises will happen and sometimes a flash may go off. This alone provides hours of entertainment. This is one of her recent photos yep she and I both I guess have a thing for laundry *smile* As I was telling a friend last week I dont know what it is but pictures of laundry drying on a line always make me knees go weak.

Ken and I have decided that once I get my digital SLR this digital will be hers. I hope that as she grows she continues to love art as much as me and whatever medium she is drawn too I just hope she keeps up with it.


Liana said...

veeeeeeery artistic Leila! My nephew was the same way when he was small. The funny part he got so used to being able to "instantly" see the picture that when someone tried to take his picture with a film camera, he'd be confused as to why he couldn't see it.

At 8, he now takes the neatest pictures. It's never ending excitement to see what he comes up with.

Lindsay said...

Leila is quite the budding photographer! I wish I could dry my clothes outdoors, but it's too humid and there's too many trees (and squirrels) to contend with.

Congrats, by the way, on your baby news!

sulu-design said...

So cute! As soon as this photo popped up on my screen, a big smile came across my face. To read and find out it was your daughter who snapped it was so sweet. Like mother, like daughter!

denitza said...

Love the photo! Don't you just love to see her getting in to the things that you love!

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