Water at its finest

When Leila was teenie tiny she hated her baths. She hated water. First time in the ocean she screamed her head off and that was just a year ago. This summer the fear and hatered of water has completely changed to she cant get enough of it. She is mostly attracted to streaming water but some days just me walking into the bathroom prompts her to get completely naked and jump in the bathtub even it if is clearly NOT bath time. Oh and taking a shower by myself, forget it. Showers are like water fountains in your own home as far as Leila is concerned. I cant deny her enjoying the water though, her face lights up everytime, and melts my heart just a little bit more.

I promise by next week this blog will get back on its crafty/sewing/knitting kick. Hope you have enjoyed the week of pictures and stories of Leila. (Oh want to see larger pictures of Leila's happiness go over to my flickr page)


Lindsay said...

She's so cute! It must be nice to have her love the water now, because I know that had to be stressful. I don't know if I could take shared showers all the time :)

Looking forward to your craftiness. I need some inspiration!

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