Ugh all around

Ken and I are having a bad day. A 4 am wake up call that the car broke down and has to be towed 20 miles back home (Ken was coming home from work) to find out that a timing chain has busted up some cylinders and will cost between 2,000-3,000 to fix. No problem right, we have a warranty, a warranty that they are now trying to tell us is not valid due to a mis-type on the signed contract. Yea it has been a pleasant day. We are optimistic people so ok we are going to take a walk its nice outside right? Yep halfway back home we get rained on. A perfect ending to a perfect day.

We are keeping our heads up though and I am blessed to have amazing parents who will be driving 2+ hours to borrow me a car, talk to the machanic, and if need be borrow us some money. We are still keep our spirits as high as we can, we feel slightly defeted but tomorrow is another to get back on our feet and keep on fighting the good fight. (I am just so sick of being so broke that it comes down to gas for the car or grocerries)

I am going to take a small break again, we are going back up to my parents for the weekend (that in itself is another story) to get away from it all and regroup in the best place we know of.

I now look at this picture and wish Ken and I werent goofing off I think this is the first picture that we are all looking at the camera and Leila is actually smiling and not scowling.


corine said...

Life's road blocks. Yep, I'm familiar with those and they SUCK.

Rose Lynn said...

Yeah, but you know what, you all look fabulous, so perhaps you both are better off with your faces that way. no more smiling for you, its just tongue out from now on. =D Keep your chins up, you two have a fabulous little one to look forward to, and I cant wait to steal Juju and get my baby fix =D

denitza said...

I'm so sorry you are going through a though time. Hope things improve soon, very, very soon! Have fun this weekend! Hugs

sesga loves 1950s said...

I know that feeling of being broke ,one day we will have money .When we have little ones we need to be at home to look after them .I would rather be skint and at home with the kids rather than work .If its any consolation there are many of us out there .
My partners dad and mum always help us arent we lucky.
Love from sesga xx

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