Opinions needed

So I am on an appliqué kick. I think most of you already know this but anyway I am on a serious kick and the appliqués seem to be doing well at one of the stores I sell my totes at so I am working on creating a whole bunch more and that is where I need your help and opinions. I have started a list of things I could create as appliqués I want things that are cute but still adult like I guess, not too cutesy (do I make sense?) So here is what I compiled, some I know have been overused already but I need to know what you all think. Plus I would love other suggestions things you would love to see on a tote.

And here comes the overly long list *smile*

Flip flops
Side view silhouette (most likely will be Leila’s head)
Piece of cake
Coffee cup
Cassette tape
Spool of thread
Needle and thread
Knitting needles and yarn
Stack of books

I am also going to pull up some of my old McCall Needlework magazines and probably pull some funky inspired designs from there.

Alright give me your 2 cents or a whole dollar I will take any advice you want to give!


Anonymous said...

I think all the things you have listed are great! The only thing that comes to my mind right now ( very tired mind, I tell you) is a red cross. hey, what about a bird or a tree?!?! Good luck with the totes and can't wait to see some of them or all!

Karyn said...

As a fellow obsessed-with-applique gal, I have to say, they're all great ideas. If done right, they'll be exactly what you're shooting for -- cute but still adult-like. I'm especially partial to the teapot, because I think teapots have great shapes that you could really play around with. But they'd all be cute.

Good luck!

Alissa said...

I too was going to say birds, though I know it's a bird craze out there and you see them a lot. Of the ones you listed I love the fruit! and books! All of them sounds great really...

LeeAnn said...

That's so awesome that your bags are selling. I once saw some unique bags with silhouettes of hands as if they were in the act of sign language. And fall leaves will be in style in about 60 days. :p

Anonymous said...

trees (in all seasons)

Rose Lynn said...

I agree about the birds and fruit and I was going to suggest owls =D I also love the idea of the hands in sign language, like the sidn for I love you would be really sweet! I am surprised that you dont have flowers listed, and also butterflies =D

my two ideas for appliques are peace signs and fluer de lis =D

daintydaisies said...

I think they all sound good too.. selling wise I would stick with the current season.. fall would be great for leaves, coffee cups ect. I do a couple deer & squirrel appliques that I love, but really I love them all! Appliques are fun and it is amazing how much they transform a simple bag! :)

Anonymous said...

Fat birds with long legs
Scotie dog
bird in cage or out of cage .
Love from sesga xx

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