Photographer in the making


As promised, I was able to catch Leila in the act of taking a picture of her so very proud papa.

And here is the result. Granted its not right on but I like the artistic flair of it. I have never really been the typical pride swelling mom when Leila was born. I didnt brag about every milestone, I didnt think she was a baby genius. She was just my cute little girl doing her own thing at her own pace. So you will have to forgive me because now I have become the mom swelling with pride that my amazing little girl has been drawn to a camera and can actually take some pretty good pictures for a 2 year old. Granted there are still TONS of pictures of just grass, or her belly button (dont ask) but when she gets a good one, and granted I know it is the luck of the draw, she gets a good picture. So I am sure down the road there will be more Leila showcases to come.


Sarah said...

hi stefanie have you taken your sock class yet, I want to attempt a sock or two one day!!

denitza said...

I think she is pretty good! the kid have to start somewhere, and the photo of her dad is very cool, I think! Have a great Labor day weekend!

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