I AM …an optimistic person
I WANT…for my children to be happy and healthy
I HAVE …a wonderful life
I KEEP …everything. I am a pack rat
I HATE …ignorant people
I FEAR …dying a slow death
I HEAR …. elmo on the TV
I DON’T THINK …I will ever slow down

I REGRET … going to college right out of high school
I LOVE …my family, my life, my country

I AM NOT … a tidy person (as much as I wish I was)
I DANCE … with Leila nightly
I SING …loudly in the car, at work, walking down the street. I probably sign off key but I dont care.

I NEVER …say never
I RARELY … like to fold laundry
I CRY WHEN I WATCH … just about anything right now (dang hormones!)
I AM NOT ALWAYS …the most eloquent speaker
I HATE THAT … I only have this one life to live
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … the universe in general. Its so big and vast.

I NEED … to enjoy the little things more and stop rushing everything else.
I SHOULD … get off this computer and start sewing!!!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend my USA friends! I will see everyone back on Tuesday!


Lu said...

nice list and nice idea to put it down in writing.

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