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Most people who know me will tell you I walk to my own beat. I would have to agree. I have a thing for my family's water pump. My parents have a few acres of land and all surrounding their land is farm feilds. Our water pump stands alone in the center of the land. That water pump has so many summer memories for me mostly about helping water the gardens, filling up small swimming pools, and playing in water sprinklers. Leila also loves the water pump and could play with the stream of water for hours which normally drenches her from head to toe.

I am hoping that soon I will be able to get my craft groove back, I have some stores that are in need of purses and totes for the fall and holiday season so this labor day I am going to honor it by slaving away at my sometimes fickle machine. Until I get some crafty things done though sorry but you all will have to suffer through some more of my and Leila's photography from the last few weeks. Oh and Leila and her skills, improve each time she holds the camera, come back tomorrow and I will prove it to you!


little dresses said...

Love the water pump pic. And shut-up! I have been reading your blog since before you stopped by mine! I love it here!


Anonymous said...

Love the water pump photo and the story behind it! Can't wait to see some more photos from you and Leila!

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