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So first thing if you dont follow me on Facebook this will be news to you. I am taking a break from facebook for lent. It seriously may be harder than the year I gave up chocolate. It is sad though this day and age the thing that is on top of my list as "hard" to be without is a social media format. pretty sad indeed.

So lets say I am giving a myself a self-imposed break because I am TOO contected and its all thanks to my handy dandy phone, man it makes it too easy to have everything you need at your finger tips! I am an all or nothing type of gal so once I finally agreed to join facebook (which took a long time of my best friend begging me to join, thanks bff!) I have jumped in and havent looked back. I check that dang thing more than I care to admit to! So time to take a break and refocus!

So coming up in the month of March each day for thirty days I will be partaking in the 30 days of lists. I am really excited and I am finding I am driven by challenges.

Speaking of challenges I will do a wrap up post about my 29 faces in 29 days (hello leap year!) I am at face 27 so I feel pretty confident I will make it to my goal.

Love you all, and if you practice the "art" of giving up something for lent do share, and if you dont, what do you think you desperately need a break from?- see you in the comments!


sulu-design said...

I have to admit - I'm not on Facebook and I don't have a cell phone, so I don't know how strong the pull to those things can be. Or maybe I do know, and that's why I've resisted those things for so long. I wish you the best with this break and hope that you enjoy some time away from being "connected."

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