Let the hue talk


Odd thing happen yesterday... I went into an art store to get a pastel or two and out walked with a small bag of things. While that in itself isn't odd what is odd is that my color choice heavily leaned towards red and I am not typically drawn towards reds! Maybe with valentines day quickly approaching I have a soft spot towards the color of love!

What about you? Drawn to a particular color lately?


Creatively yours Fi said...

Funny, I went into an Art shop today also (oh-oh) and came out with much more than intended...$$$I bought a white marker (I think you did too)pastels and a colourwheel. I feel schizophrenic with my colours at the moment...can't decide on any! :)

Brittanie said...

Hah, yeah I know what you mean. I get really attracted to certain styles or colors and then realise after the fact that it's not at all within my style (which is probably why my portfolio looks so disjointed in style)... But red is gorgeous and can be great as a stark accent color. Something small that really puts the finishing touch into a piece...

By the way, I'm a new subscriber, hi! My name is Brittanie, I draw girls as well. :)

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