What art has taught me


Face 7 of my 29 challenge.

Last night as I sat down to create I had in mind who I wanted to create an art piece for. The last few times I had done this it went swimmingly everything turned out how I had envisioned it and I loved them so.

So #7 had a person in mind and went to work. And then the painting decided it didnt want to be what I had in mind. Normally at this stage I would walk away and most likely gesso it to turn it into something new later. But last night, I played, I let the painting come to life on its own and show me what it was meant to be.

I am a person who normally goes with the flow I'm not known to fight my way telling the waves I know a better way, except when it comes to painting oddly enough. So last night art taught me how to trust in the process and go with the flow.

Because of that I got to paint a portrait like never before, the paper and paint blended blue and yellow started showing up from layers below. A touch of pink and purple where it would normally not be found. I got to paint a portrait I have always wanted to try but was too scared to. A portrait where "non-traditional" colors were used mixed in with the flesh tones.

So this painting will not be gifted to who I had in mind, in the end she has been gifted to me.

Trust in the mess folks and enjoy the ride!


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