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This past weekend Kenson turned 3! Boy time is not on my side as it keeps flying by!

This last years has been an up and down roller coaster mainly due to your lack of talking and doing everything we can do to help you communicate.

Kenson at this moment:

You love anything with wheels in particular trains you have more trains than one little boy needs but my how your face lights up!

What lack of words you have you make up for in huge character and facial expressions, you crack me up like no other!

Words...a lot if focus on your talking or rather you not talking...we have faith that what is meant to be will be

Love -you have it and love to share it! you have became a great big brother even though you don't shy away from showing your unhappiness with your baby brother either. Your sister on the other hand you look up to her with stars in your eyes unfortunately your sister doesn't share the same love but I know one day she will.

What a year it has been baby boy I don't know about you but I am so excited to see the little guy you are growing to be and 3 is gonna be such a fun adventure!

Love you Ken-Ken


Rosa Frazier said...

Those are such sweet sentiments. I didn't realize my boy didn't talk for a long time because big sister was his interpreter. And now my boy's vocabulary is expansive--and he even uses "expansive" in his 8-year-old speech. Speech will come because you are two dedicated and loving parents who will make sure he has the best possible life. Good luck.

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