What a year!


Happy Birthday baby boy Valen! As baby number three I was terrified and excited for you! You have been a game changer in the fact that I now have to learn to manage my time so that all kiddos get the right amount of attention and because of that you sir have been planted on my hip since birth. Me and you are like this *fingers crossed* which has been a blessing and curse (somedays) all in one. It means that no babysitter can take my place and you are very vocal about that! It also means I get the biggest best hugs and smiles all day long!

As many moms will say this last year has flown and at the same time it feels just like yesterday and forever you have been in my life. It is an odd and unexplainable feeling until you have children yourself.

Thank you for all that you are.

Deep big brown eyes with long eyelashes (like brother and sister)
Dancing King
Snuggle Bug
Funny oh so funny

Happy birthday my Valen (tine)

Love you hugs and kisses- Momma


Anonymous said...

Aww, happy birthday to your sweet boy!!

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