29 faces

29 faces

So I briefly mentioned this challenge which I had heard through the grape vine of other blogging artists. Only problem? I found out about out oh 10 days in or so. Ugh. But none the less I am committing to making 29 faces (minimum). The lovely lady above? She is number 6 and she is destined to an artist that I am a huge fan of. Ack my first fan art!!! I hope she likes it, she recently dyed her hair pink and I am envious of her awesome hair color *smile*

So 6 down 23 to go! I am really excited about this series as time goes on I have a feeling a few (or more) of these lovely ladies will be making their way to the studio.


Jenny said...

Oh she is a sweetie Stefanie... glad you see that you are joining in with the fun :))

Jenny x

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