Lucky me

I lucked out when we moved to our current town. It is small enough that people are friendly but it is close enough to a larger city (Madison). I love Madison we lived there for four years before moving out to a nearby town. This town is tiny well under 10,000 people but we are blessed with a quilt store. Actually we were blessed with two but the one has decided to close shop. It is sad to see them go, it is really sad to see any small business leave town but it is a double edge sword living near a big city. You cant afford the rent there (the big city) as a business but your clients seems to like to shop in the city and not in town. Really sad. Both quilt stores sell great fabric but I know they cant compete really with Joann's and the like. It is a bitter sweet time for me because I am able to take advantage of the closing and get great fabric at 50-75% off.

The joy of Madison though is the farmers market every year. It is held around the capital building which itself is an amazing piece of art. It is fun just to people watch at the farmers market. Also they have started to allow artists to set up booths at one corner of the square. A local artist told me about it, I think next year I will have to try it for a weekend/month. I hadnt gotten a chance to grace the farmers market till this past weekend with a close friend. We had a lot of catching up so we took the long walk from her place to the square. A scone and apple cider later I felt so at home again.

Next weekend is the Art Fair on the Square . It is an awesome event with artists all over the country gracing our city with their amazing art. I am really excited for it, my husband doesnt really care for it so I have a friend who has volunteered to go with me. I dont care if I cant get anyone to go with me it may be fun just to enjoy it by myself. We will have to see.


Persimmons Gal said...

I wish I could go to the fair on the square. Have fun!

it's me, Val said...

I would LOVE to go to the art fair with you!! What fun. Have a great time!

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