I heart tofu


Sorry about the mini breaks lately. The humidity went down and we have been living outside. This is also Kens "birthday weekend" since Tuesday is his birthday so we are doing whatever he would like this weekend. And unfortunately for me sewing is not in his plans!

I love quick easy snacks (or meals in my case) in the summer and this is a great one that Ken introduced to me when we first met.

Take a box of silken tofu (we like firm)
-slice into cubes keeping the box shape
-chop up as many green onions as you like and sprinkle around
-pour on some soy sauce & sesame seed oil

Now back to enjoying the weekend sans Harry Potter, I think I am the only person in the world who didn't catch the Potter bug!


Xevi said...
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beki said...

You're not alone. I don't have the potter bug and don't plan to catch it!

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