Details Continued (3)...

I am hooked on paper piecing in particular this
and it is ALL Katie's fault. This is another gift for my bff's (he he) birthday so only the details.

If you havent ever tried this method be forward it is HIGHLY addictive. Need some inspiration? There is a great flickr group already created.

They arent perfect but I kind of like the wonky look of them! (Psst bff, hows the pink and brown scheme looking for you)


lauren said...

Oh my. Seriously, this is BEAUTIFUL. There's no way I could ever make one of these, but I sure am glad there's someone out there making them. Fabulous work, and I love th e color scheme!

Anonymous said...

Hey BFF! I LOVE the color scheme! Yaaaaay!
Love you!

Katie Jean said...

love it!! I have yet to finish mine ;)

All that hand sewing was getting to me. Maybe I'll finish it this week.

Tiffany said...


I just checked out your Etsy shop...oh my, I'm totally in love with your bags!


it's me, Val said...

Awww, you are so good to Katy. Beautiful work, as always!

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