The Gifts

Yea! Since BBF already got her gifts I can show them off. Well, two of them.

This is my first linen tote and frankly I am hooked! I love the look, this one is based off of a Japanese tote I saw in one of my numerous craft books. I am so proud of myself I put in a pocket zipper for the first time and it went in so easy thanks to this tutorial

And here is the wallet/pouch/makeup bag/whatever she wants it to be! I loved how this turned out as well. It was an experience I did paper piercing, hand stitching, and added a zipper. Basically every technique was new to me.

I also made two blue and brown log cabin type throw pillows for her. I didnt get pictures of those because I didnt have forms yet (I wasnt thinking I would be getting her gifts to her till this weekend) so pictures of those at a later date.

All of the gifts had some sort of new technique I had never done before, I am glad that for guinea pig projects they all turned out so great!


amandajean said...

what great projects! they both turned out so lovely...nice job.

Katie Jean said...

I love the way you used the hexagons! And I'm impressed you finished it! Mine is still sitting on my bedside table.

What a lucky friend!

cristina said...

both sooo wonderful!! and yes - very japanese zakka. nice work.

it's me, Val said...

Those are marvelous, Stef. Love them.

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