Details Continued (2)...

I am loving this theme I really hope everyone is as well. Besides sewing I have started to do embroidery if you havent tried it I really urge you to. It is one of the simpler "crafty" things to do!

You know those things you see at a thrift store, garage sale, antique store that are etched in your mind and you always regret NOT buying them? I felt that way about this first detail. After seeing this rooster all I did was dream about it so I marched right back to my local antique store and lucky for me it hadnt sold yet. I plan on using this as a pattern for myself as well as using it on everything I can think of! I mean who doesnt want a rooster adorn with flowers.

The second detail was found the same day as I picked up my dream rooster. The pillow case is SUPER soft but has seen far better days. It now is tattered, torn and yellowing. Lucky the birds have yet to be touched by age and I plan to keep it that way. I have a few ideas as to what they will become but nothing set in stone. I may just use this as a pattern and frame the lovely!

Finally my own attempt at making a mark on the embroidery world. A few onesies for my niece. This first one I am rather happy with and I have a few more I want to make. The pattern is from Sublime Stitching if you havent been there run do not walk and dive in! Embroidery while not only looking so damn cute also is an affordable and quick craft and really all you can do is grow with experience!


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