Announcement Time


The random generator has spoken and JJ Sobey has won the she art giveaway. Know what is great about this, she is a She Art student already so she wants to give it to a friend, talk about paying it forward twice! WOOT.

Thank you everyone who stopped by and shared your joys with me, I really enjoyed reading every comment. And now I have a whole bunch of new blogs to discover!

Have a wonderful weekend all!


callie said...

Hi Stefanie! I am taking SR1 also and I LOVED your stuff, I was so excited to find that you had a blog. Your blog is beautiful, I absolutely love it. Is your artwork available on etsy or anywhere currently? I thiiiiink I might have to snag one of those embroidery hoop girls, LOVE your style!

Artsy Momma said...

Hi Callie!

I have both an etsy shop and artfire shop that lie bare *smile* My hoop girls are at a local store at the moment but I could make one for you if you want. email me if you are interested!

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