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Have you heard of Faber Castell's new product Gelatos? They are floating around mixed media artist hands I have noticed and when Suzi Blu posted that they were amazing for faces I knew I had to give them a whirl. I LOVE THEM!!!! I want to scream it from the roof top, I have seriously talked about them to anyone who would listen. Thank god for understanding co-workers who may not be into art but pretend to be interested just to humor me! *smile*

I dont know if there are in local stores yet I have only been able to find them online myself but they are worth the searching for, trust me!

loving new art supplies

I cant express really how much fun I am having but I can say this: I cant stop painting. And when I am not painting I am thinking about painting. I feel like I am growing leaps and bounds just by doing. If you told me even 6 months ago that I would be painting faces and I would feel comfortable with a brush in my hand and shading I would think you were crazy. Cant wait to keep showing you all what I have been up to and the new art I am creating!


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