Support System


I have an amazing husband. He teases me to no end but I know he supports me in my art. This is exhibit A, he bought me an art easel so that I can paint while having the baby in the sling when Mr. Valen wants to be held and I want to paint *smile* Best of both worlds!

I am lucky, I know this and on those days that he drives me crazy, please feel free to send me this post to remind me how great he is and how great we are together.

Sorry for the sappy post, regular blogging will return tomorrow *smile*


1 Funky Woman said...

I just found your blog and I'm loving all your artwork. You are really talented. How great is your husband. What a sweetie for buying you the easel!

Newest follower!

Hey do you sell your art?


Michelle said...

Love...LOVE .. loVe your new paintings! You are AMAZING Stef! :)

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