The process

Know what I love about artist blogs? When they show there process. Love it I am a visual learner and since I am a completely self taught artist these posts are my favorite to give me an inside tip and gives me a good idea if I am on the right track.

This weekend I had a productive painting weekend the kiddos had fun in their make believe world and gave me a little time to just focus on painting. I am super proud of this painting because it is the first time I have ever shaded with paint right from the start. My paintings originally start with color pencils and then I paste the face to my artwork and go from there. This weekend I got brave and painted straight on the canvas and I am really happy with the progress I am making from never painting less than a year ago till now!

So here is my process, I doubt that it will give some inside tips to anyone but none the less I feel compelled to share. Enjoy!

Stage 1

Stage 2 closeup
(this is the creepy stage!)

stage 3

Stage 4

I am pretty much done on the face but I feel the background is missing something. So for now she is hanging on a wall that I see a lot during the day and I am staring at her a lot trying to figure out what is missing and I will go back to working on her. In the mean time I have a lot more painting to do, I feel the creative spark I havent for so many months!


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