X-mas Wish List

Let the count down begin!!! My mom had asked for a few ideas for me for Christmas gifts. While some of these are downright pipe dreams I figured I would share some of my favorite things right now and they may gave you some ideas for yourself or some crafty person in your own life.

Silhouette SD found here
Le Creuset Dutch Oven (one of those dream items)

Prisma Color Gift Set (Another dream purchase)

Or really just a gift card from www.dickblick.com (love them!)

Anything from this cute site.

Surprise me! Anything from my Etsy Favorite shops

A blog redesign from either of these two designers.

So mom, hubby, friends, and santa, this is my wish list (oh and world peace, I always wish for world peace *smile*)

Happy shopping!


Jovani's Momma said...

omg a dutch oven is on my wish list too... I will make sure if I ever find one on one of those super clearances that I find sometimes to send it your way..
Merry Christmas to you!
And It was good seeing you again!
Love you much!

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