Kitschy for the Holidays

My Grandma loves Christmas ornaments. Each year her collections seems to grow in size. Because of that she on occasion will have to part with some ornaments that she no longer has room for. This year I spoke up for what many would find as kitschy ornaments. Me? I love them and new they would be at home on my non-traditional Christmas Tree. What's even better about these ornaments is I found out my great aunt (who was there during the tree decorating at my Grandma's) was the one who made them. They have been beat up over the years and some where forsaken to stay in the box this year while I fix them for next year. But these ornaments? I love them so, my misfit kitschy ornaments.


Tara said...

I grew up with a collection of ornaments like that on our tree. I think my mom said she got them from my dad's great grandmother? Considering that the majority of the ornaments were kid-made by my brother & me over the years, those were our "good" ornaments.

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