Holy Smokes! Its already Thursday!

Encadré (Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro)

How the heck did that happen?!?!!? I know a lot of people are running around freaking out before the holidays. This year with my pregnancy I took it easy, I didnt make gifts (well not many) I bought handmade, online, and yes some mas-produced items. It was a happy balance for me. Next year it is back to all handmade, local buys but this year it just wasnt going to happen.

So how is my time flying by then and I am freaking out you ask. Well all I have been doing is reading. Lots of reading. Reading about art, mixed media, painting, sewing, business, blogs, shops. Just lots of reading. The problem with all this reading? I am living in my head of how I can make my creative life so much better problem with that... I am not living the dreams. So this is the year (I am starting early on my news year resolution, prep work if you would) I will actively pursue my creative dreams and not just go with the flow as I have been so much lately. Time to paddle girl! More on this later. But there will be a lot less reading on my part and a lot more doing. And you are all my witness and will hold me accountable (right!?!?)

What about you, have you started looking forward into the new year and what you would like to change, keep on with, forget about?


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