Pregnancy Fashion Advice

First let me say, sorry all no cute pictures on this post. Second I have had this need to put out in the universe my thoughts on maternity clothes and advice for soon to be mommas.

Ok so here we go! Baby number three and the thing I have learned through all of these pregnancy...comfort is key. And comfort I do not mean sweat pants. I mean cute outfits you can wear and not feel frumpy. I also can not stress this enough, do not buy tons of maternity clothes, it isnt necessary. Buy a shirt a size or two bigger, focus on the fit and you can find some great clothes that you can wear your entire pregnancy without having to spend a fortune!

So my secret that took 3 pregnancy to figure out, leggings people. They will change your life. I have never been so comfortable and semi fashionable since I don't know when. So waddle your cute pregnant self out to the store, get some leggings and few tunic tops, shirt dress, and empire waist long shirts (make sure they cover your rump) and throw on a pair of cute boots. And as a bonus you can easily wear these outfits after the baby is born while your body is still in transition.

So off my soap box I will drop and just say youre welcome for years to come!


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