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Photo has nothing to do with post, but it is sent out with great love to my BFF who hasn't been feeling well, and poppies are her favorite flower. Credits found here.

Just wanted to send a shout out to the world. Family and friends have brought to my attention their worries due to lack of posts. Sorry! Life is, just that nothing terribly exciting. I did just have a craft show two weekends ago so the month of November was all around crafty goodness and I just figured no one wanted to see the chaos that is craft show prep *smile*

Rest of a recap? I am good baby is measuring around 30 weeks I am about 29 weeks in so baby may be a little earlier then planned (pretty normal for me!) this has been (knock on wood) the smoothest sailing pregnancy to date. I have terrible acid reflux and my brain is completely scattered (no cell phone left in the fridge yet, but I wouldn't doubt it to happen) but that is about it. Leila is great, 4 and she has the sassy attitude to show it. She is doing great though and as hair pulling as the fours can be she is a hoot to be around and have conversations with.

Kenson is finally walking! Took him 18 months but now you cant slow the little guy down. He is still tiny and is really low on the weight and height scales (we are talking 5%) but I figure someone has to be down there otherwise you wouldnt have a scale, he is just that lucky guy. He isnt talking yet but most people (including Ken and I) aren't overly concern, they have already ruled out hearing impairments so we will see a speech pathologist and just go from there.

Ken has the typical beginning of winter cold, so he is a teeny bit crabby but otherwise doing great.

So there is a quick (or not so quick) update. Life is just that, time is moving by super fast and baby will be here sooner then I am ready!

Come back and visit soon, I do have a fun tutorial I am putting together (my first, I am super excited) and I promise to start writing a little bit more, be forewarned though with this scatter brain at the wheel you never know what you are gonna get!


mrsmichelleadams said...

I didn't realize Kenson was so tiny for his age! Aren't you due around his birthday?

Artsy Momma said...

Yep! The same month at least. Kenson's birthday is the 4th and I am due the 24th.

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