A lil rusty

Baby Quilt

Look! After months of letting my sewing machine collect dust I finally busted it out and put it to work on a baby quilt for a bundle of joy to arrive soon enough. Perfect? No. Handmade with love? Absolutely.

I may have one more post in me before the Holidays, after that I will be off to spend time with the family and will be most days no where near internet access. So just in case, Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope one and all get to witness a Christmas miracle or two this year!


Margaret @ Konstant Kaos said...

Lovely! I like the random patches of birdies, the little one will love it when they realise what a birdy is!

Sarah and Jack said...

It is SO cute though. I also feel like a stranger to my sewing machine. Bah.

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