Holiday Crafting


(To see larger photos please go to my flickr site)

Wreaths, lots of wreaths have been made thanks to two Wisconsin Local shops (Dainty Daisies & Glitter Workshop) asking to carry them this holiday season. I will in no way take credit for this idea, it was thanks to the lovely shop KnockKnocking that I drew inspiration from and took my own direction. If you are near either stores please stop by and check them out, they are super cute in person I promise!

Thanks to this little helper photos where that much enjoyable!


Maria said...

I WANT ONE!!!!!! Can i get a discount cus im your sis?

Jovani's Momma said...

Are you freaken kidding me? I swear to god sometimes we have one brain and just share it.... I have been obsessed to no end with wreaths! (mine of course with TONS of buttons!) lol I can't believe it sometimes seeing our brains on the same wave length. Yours are ADORABLE! Keep up the craftiness!

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