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Working on updated some local stores. Next my etsy shop (hopefully). I am just curious how much would you pay for one of these bags? (Magnetic snap closure and interior pocket included in the bag size 13" wide 10.5" tall)

(psst sorry about the crappy photos stupid clouds)


Barbara said...

Those are gorgeous, the last one is my favorite, love the colors.

sulu-design said...

Yikes! You have been busy. These are lovely. I can't help much with the pricing, as I haven't been in the market for a pretty bag for years. Have you searched similar items on etsy to get an idea of what they're selling for?

corine said...

They're all so cute. the third one from the top is my fav because of the color and that print.

Mama's Losin' It said...

The last one is my favorite too. Can't you just look up similar bags on Etsy and see what they're running?? That way you stay competitive with what's out there and no one insults you! :)

ok ok, I think I'd pay around the 20 dollar range...give or take a couple bucks.

Amy J said...

yup, I love that third one as well. I am bad at pricing unless I am holding it in my hands. Maybe $40 or up?

Wendy said...

Love your bags, great color combos!
In Juneau, I sell similar bags for $40-$45.... hope that helps!

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