I have set a goal for myself this summer. Become healtier. I am afraid if I put an amount of weight I want to lose as my goal I will just be setting myself for dissapointment so instead I have one main goal. My goal is to be able to walk up a large hill by our home by the end of the summer without becoming out of breath. The first few times it felt as though I was wearing concrete shoes. Each time it has started to get a little easier.

In order to succeed I had to get some walking shoes but I didnt want "normal" walking shoes. Enter in these sweet things. I love these shoes. They have the best support I have ever experienced in a pair of shoes.
Besides walking a lot more this summer Ken and I have also started cutting out all processed foods and are eating and making most of our meals. I have become a label reader big time. If I dont know what the ingredient is (IE chemical compounds) there is a very good likelyhood we wont buy it. Lucky for us a local co-op just opened that is within walking distance and next door is a family bakery that makes the BEST bread.

And besides my shoes being super comfy, they bring hours of entertainment for my on the go baby girl.


Lindsay said...

Awesome shoes! I love the sporty Mary Jane look. Good luck on the working out! I'd at least go walking if it wasn't close to 100 here.

sulu-design said...

Your goals are admirable and achievable! I wish you the best of luck as you make these healthy changes.

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